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About us

1000Sold.com brings you the latest news, guides and reviews from the Chinese retail market.

What is 1000Sold.com?

Maybe a short story best explains why I started this site. I awoke with a great idea for a card game, I started to put pen to paper and over a number of weeks the game was ready to print. But who is going to print my card game? I have heard stories that printing bespoke card games can run into the thousands of £/$.

After a brief search, I found a website based in China they enabled me to upload each one of my cards and have them printed and shipped, including the box art! They gave me exactly what I needed for a low price. Since that day I was always on the hunt to find products cheaper and found myself always pulled back to factories based in China.

Fast-forward to the present day and this is happening more and more, huge companies such as AliExpress, Temu, Shein and even TikTok shop bridge the gap between factory and buyer. Following my fascination with China, 1000Sold.com was born. Keeping a finger on the pulse of Chinese retail and everything that goes with it.

Where did the name 1000Sold.com come from?

With the sudden rise of easy to use Apps, you would often see products that are classed as super sellers. These are items that have been sold more than 1000 times in a week. It’s seen as a great badge of honour if one of your products makes the super seller list.

1000Sold.com represents the growing number of sales that are made directly to Chinese manufacturers.

What topics do we cover?

  • News: The latest hard hitting news to come out of China, and its retail market. Typically, we focus on the biggest movers and shakers relating to major brands that are located and operate out of the country.
  • Guides: We live in a fast changing world, we offer handy guides related to retail, apps and business to help users navigate through these latest updates.
  • Reviews: We couldn’t crate a site without some fun! We write about some of the items that are bought and shipped every day. We try and keep these fun yet functional.

Do I work for the CCP?

Actually, the question should be, why did I add this as a title in the first place? Looking over history, western culture has always had this stigma of never trust certain countries around the world, China included.

I don’t know if this is based on historic significance or some deep-rooted prejudice. People soon feel a little silly when you tell them that most of their consumer electronics they are using right now, TV’s, computer parts, clothing and many household appliances all come from China, or contain parts that are manufactured there.

It feels like the world is getting smaller with the rise of social media and improved transport, as I type this a number of major Chinese retail apps are currently sitting within the top 20 of both the Google Play and Apple App store. It already feels like the wheel is already turning on the way to making relations between major countries better.

Who am I?

Before the wild conspiracy theories start, I am actually a slightly overweight middle-aged marketing professional from Cardiff, Wales, UK. This is why I see myself as almost the perfect candidate for reporting of Chinese brands in Western cultures, because I am in the heart of it.

You can look at my LinkedIn profile if you really want to (I really need to update it). If this is a fake account, 20+ years of history is REALLY playing the long game!

It’s OK to make mistakes

What you will notice throughout this site is that the quality of writing may be a little below the quality you would find in the Financial Times. I just about scraped through my English exams in school, but I am not going to let this prevent me from writing about topics I enjoy. In fact, I see this as a learning opportunity, you can’t improve without practise right?

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