Claim a Free Cotton Towel Set From AliExpress

AliExpress have a free to play game called 'Grow to Get'. It's simple, and you are guaranteed to win a prize if you complete the growth of your cotton tree. We are going to show you exactly where and how you can get free stuff from AliExpress.

Alex Jenkins
By Alex Jenkins - Senior Editor
Man Playing Grow To Get AliExpress Free Game 2
Playing the Grow to Get game on AliExpress to win free prizes

Play ‘Grow to Get’ to claim yourself a free cotton towel set from AliExpress, no catch.

AliExpress have launched a new simple to play game called ‘Grow to get’. The objective of the game is to water your cotton plant to grow and harvest a cotton pieces multiple times to grab your free towel set.

Water is given free to you each day, but there are ways to increase the amount of water you can gain each day and give you progress toward your prize that little bit quicker.

How do you start ‘Grow to Get’?

Navigate to the AliExpress homepage and select the ‘Grow to Get’ game. It should give you some starting water, simply press the watering can in the bottom right to begin feeding your plat with water.

Any handy tips to gain more water?

There are a few pointers to keep in mind as you play the game:

  • On the left of the screen is a scarecrow, when it reaches 300ml ensure that you click to claim the water.
  • Once you run out of water for your watering can, ensure that you complete as many of the other ‘Grow to Get’ missions as possible.
  • It helps to log in everyday to claim the water that is kept in reserve. You gain 10ml each time you use the watering can. You can see your reserves in the blue bottle halfway up the page.

This seems too good to be true

Now, before you jump to conclusions and see yourself racking up and harvesting the 5 cotton pieces needed to claim your prize, there is a catch.

Once you hit the last cotton ball to grow and claim, the game really starts to slow down. RuneScape players will know what I mean, the last 1 cotton ball will take 10 times the amount of water before you can claim it in comparison to the previous 4.

Be prepared to grind your last cotton ball before you can claim your prize.

Double up on the gains

The good news is that currently there is another competition, ‘Euro Cup Mania’ that encourages you to play ‘Grow to Get’ as it gives you additional vouchers simply for playing. This is on top of the harvesting of cotton balls.

This means that playing right now from June until the end of July gives you twice the outcome for the same effort.

How long does it take to get my prize?

Players are saying that it will typically take 1-2 months, depending on how often you log in. This isn’t a hard to play game and only takes about 5 minutes each day to get the maximum gains. I usually log in to complete my games on AliExpress as I am watching TV.

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