AliExpress Launches New Advert Across Europe Featuring David Beckham

AliExpress go large with the introduction of David Beckham for their adverts to launch the Euro Cup Mania giveaway. Win prizes and cash in vouchers to buy almost anything from the AliExpress store.

Alex Jenkins
By Alex Jenkins - Senior Editor
AliExpress David Beckham Advert for the Euro Cup Mania Event
AliExpress David Beckham Advert for the Euro Cup Mania Event

A new 30-second ad from AliExpress is part of a big budget push to get AliExpress back into the minds of people when they think of online shopping.

As a direct competitor to Temu and even in some cases Amazon, AliExpress aims to add credibility and build brand reputation by using a well respected public figure such as David Beckham.

Difficulty finding cut through

One area that Chinese brands have had it tough is being able to be seen as a credible brand. When you think of Samsung or Sony, they are brands linked to high quality goods with years of brand recognition and history.

AliExpress, TEMU and SHEIN are relative newcomers, and although they have exploded in terms of volume, they still lack in brand perception among many users.

AliExpress Attracting a younger audience

The ad starts with an upbeat and positive party atmosphere where is seems as though people are gathering around a TV ready to watch a EUROS football match. David Beckham is then seen interacting with a surprised fan through the TV while using the AliExpress App.

Next is a scene of a young woman trying to find something to wear and reaching for the app to find her next outfit (looking to compete with the large fashion retailer SHEIN?). She quickly taps the app and transforms into wearing her new clothes.

It’s obvious to me that AliExpress are going after the younger audience, quite rightly they see them as the next generation of shoppers. Football and fashion are the theme that runs through the Ad, and I will admit that they have done a fairly good job with this one.

Shake to win

If you haven’t downloaded the app already, make sure that you do ready for the chance to win thousands of prizes that are being given away as part of the $12,000,000 Euro Cup Mania event.

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