Xianyu: Alibaba’s Resale Platform Fueling Young China’s Side Hustles

Xianyu growth is increasingly fueled by the youth of China. As any business owner will tell you, this is always a good place to be, it's how Alibaba can expand this even further.

Alex Jenkins
By Alex Jenkins - Senior Editor
Women doing yoga as a side hustle on xianyu alibaba Market to increase revenue
Chinese youth making money on the Alibaba app Xianyu to increase income

An Untapped Treasure Trove?

Need a dog walker? How about a part-time gig to supplement your income? For savvy (often younger) people in China, Alibaba’s Xianyu platform is the place to be.

More than just a second-hand marketplace, Xianyu is transforming hobbies into income streams, offering users a vibrant side job marketplace. It feels like a revamped Craig’s list, but aren’t all the best ideas sometimes old ones made better?

A Hub for Young Entrepreneurs

Stats speak for themselves. With over 500 million users, Xianyu boasts an average daily sales volume of around $140 million and growing. Interestingly, more than 40% of these users are young adults born after 1995. It seems to me that the younger generations who are willing to take more risks, have spare time and are potentially more tech-savvy are the ones reaping the rewards.

Users are leveraging Xianyu not only to buy and sell goods but also to offer a range of services from pet massages to language tutoring, the platform’s new side job marketplace has opened a world of opportunities.

The Rise of Side Hustles

Xianyu’s new feature allows users to offer services across eight main categories and hundreds of sub-categories.

Education and training, pet services, and online consultations are especially popular. With this flexibility, young users are turning their skills and passions into lucrative side hustles. The platform even supports detailed resumes, helping service providers showcase their expertise and attract more clients.

Beyond Just a Way to Increase Wealth

What makes Xianyu truly unique is its community spirit. Over the past decade, it has evolved into an online and offline ecosystem where users can exchange ideas and collaborate.

Xianyu hosts forums for hobbyists and collectors, making it a vibrant space for niche interests. Offline, it has opened physical stores in Hangzhou and Shanghai, where people can send items to be sorted and priced by the platform.

Having a Real-World Impact

The English-language ModelScope was unveiled at the 2024 CVPR Conference in Seattle. This event is a key gathering for the AI community, attracting researchers, academics, and industry leaders. Alibaba Group showcased over 30 papers at the conference, including six that received special recognition. Attendees also experienced the capabilities of Alibaba’s Qwen model series, which excels in image and video generation.

Can the Platform Keep Growing?

In essence, Xianyu is more than just a resale platform. It is a dynamic ecosystem that empowers young people to explore new opportunities and generate income from their talents. Whether you’re looking to save money, find a side job, or connect with like-minded individuals, Xianyu offers a comprehensive and engaging platform.

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